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26 is an online community for sharing and finding information about Colorado’s mountains (most importantly Colorado’s 100 highest mountains), mountain climbing, hiking and photography.
    At, you can:

    -Track your summit climbs
    -Purchase photos
    -Sell photos
    -Browse our list of over 6,000 summits!
    -Search and filter summits based on several parameters, including elevation, prominence, rank, isolation, spire measure, and more!
    -Write your own Blog – for free
    -Enhance and publish your own profile
    -Provide trip reports by adding summits via the summit table
    -View trip reports and filter them by several variables
    -Find others to climb with, or discuss summit-related topics in our Forum
    -Share and view photos in our photo gallery
    -Invite other appreciators of Colorado’s summits to join the site as a member, and get credit for it
    -Help shape the content of the site. The site will continue to evolve and features will be added over time.
    -Use the map above to navigate each of Colorado’s mountain ranges and sub-ranges, or use the top menu to navigate the site’s features. If you cannot see the map above, you may need to install the latest Flash Player.
    -The more you contribute to the site, the more points you earn. Eventually, points may become redeemable as the site matures due to dedicated membership.
    -Conquer Colorado’s summits!

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    trailsnet Says:
    8:27 pm

    Believe it or not, the highest peak in Colorado is one of the more attainable. There is a nice trail all the way to the top and has nothing even close to technical climbing involved.

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